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Sipping at Cinnabar


For years I have driven by the Cinnabar tasting room and thought I really need to go try that place sometime.

Today I finally did, and as usual left wishing I had gone much earlier.

We began with a rosé.  Rosés and I are not great friends with a few notable exceptions.  This is one of those exceptions.  It was light and crisp but still subtly sweet, a very pleasant summer wine.

Then came the Chardonnay.  Though I am a staunch lover of whites (don’t judge), I do not generally care for Chardonnay either.  Ironically, it is practically the only white that I dislike yet often the only one to be found in this area as well as the only wine drunk by my mother.  Figures.  As I have begun to frequent higher priced wineries, I have found more and more Chardonnays that I do like or at least tolerate, but nearly all are unoaked.  As the pourer began to describe this French oaked buttery Chardonnay, I prepared myself to endure it and move on quickly, but as it touched my tongue, I gasped in surprise.  It was delicious!  Light, fresh, buttery but not oaky in the slightest.  It was very nearly my favorite wine of the day, and had it been half the price, I may well have bought it.

From there my friendly pourer jumped off the tasting list to the Mercury Rising, a blend which is apparently one of their most popular wines.  I cannot say I was overly impressed.  For a blend, the mix of flavors was interesting with each presenting itself in turn, but on the whole it was a bit too scattered for my taste.

We moved on to the Petit Verdot which was actually kind of amazing.  “Bold flavor” does not begin to describe the first sip of this wine; it hits you like a rogue tree branch when you had barely realized you were standing under a tree.  It’s good though, and despite its strength, it’s light on tannins which is always a plus in my book.

In contrast was the Malbec which had more tannins but a smooth, even flavor.  Also one of their most popular wines, I much preferred it to the Mercury Rising.

My pourer was kind enough to give me a little something extra (always chat up your pourers, you won’t regret it) with the Incantation Blanc.  Also a blend, this one was my winner of the day.  Smooth, light, and sweet, this lovely little summer wine has a slight orange tang to it and would be a lovely wine to sip on a patio while listening to music.

Overall, a tasty way to spend an afternoon.  I’ll be back for their weekend wine bar evenings, complete with live music.

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